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Princess Peach by ShaianWillems
The use of colors and contrast as indeed wonderful and superb here. The texture of her body is gorgeous and brings an aura of softness to show her delicate nature.

In originality, You have done a great job. Although the idea of Naked Peach geting wrapped by a pink ribbon is nothing new, the way the ribbon wraps her is quite unique. The way you use shadows in the part of her groin is absolutely tasteful.

Therefore the technique used her is crisp and clear as the image is fluid and easy to follow. This in turn shows Peach's best qualities in her body and face features.

The Impact of the pic overall is on showing how cute and sexy Peach can be at the same time. It is also a good work to reference to for those who want to practice drawing as well.

In conclussion and based on my findings, this pic of peach is one of the best I have ever seen >^w^<
Greetings, my dear friends

I want to inform you that commissions are open by an artist who makes adorable works at good prices

Her name is #Binkakitty and she draws in a wonderful style >^w^<

here it is her commission info if you are interested ^w^

She will be super happy to work for you as she is a very friendly artist and a super nice kitty, she also has a cool gallery as well, check her out and you will love it >^w^<

Thank you for your attention everyone, you guys are awesome <333

New Commission Info (OPEN) by BinkaKitty

Tagged once again by the great and powerful Wooxxie >^w^<


The character to be features is my dear Wolf boy OC, Nero

Here it is a reference of him made by the wonderful #LadyBarbero


 Ren_and_Nero by LadyBarbero

 He is the playful one in a hugging game with my kitty boy, Ren >^^<

and this one was made by the awesome #kuichuu as an obiedient and adorable wolfie <333

Comm128 :: Siberian Inu-kun by Kuichuu

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Job: Government Attorney/Public Prosecutor (Especially Constitutional Law, Human Rights, and Civil Liberties)

Likes: Flowers, soft clothing, sexy underwear, tights and pantyhose, Sexy and intelligent girls, Sexy Boys with long hair, Asian Clothing, cooking, housekeeping, playing (both sports and video games), cultural tourism, and going to karaoke

Dislikes: Homophobes, narrow-minded people, criminals who do not want to atone their sins, lawbreakers, harassers, unfair people, and corrupt individuals


Here we go:


Are you Nero Aeneas Plutarch, Jr.?

Oh please, Mr Plutarch was my dad, you can call me Nero jejejeje


Wait, what happened to you dad, Nero?

He is no longer with us, he went to heaven when I was just a cub. My mother raised me all by herself. She is a 45 year-old Judge ^^


Do you love your mommy?

Of course I do, you little dummy. She was my inspiration of becoming a prosecutor and to admire women


Talking about women, do you have a girlfriend?

Nuuu……*howls sadly*

I am quite shy, you know TwT but there is a very beautiful police officer I am really like <3 she is so cute ^w^


In you likes you put, “sexy guys with long hair”, why? Are you Bi?

Hey! Those guys are beautiful, I like how cool and handsome they look. Also I am a bi-curious/fluid heterosexual as well. That means I would be able to satisfy the fantasies of my possible girlfriend in having a threesome with two guys or doing with me and another girl.


What would you do if you have a girlfriend?

I will treat her like the divine princess she is, of course respecting her private time. I will cook for her as I love to cook and dance some Argentinian Tango ^^ Not to mention I will do my best to fulfill her pleasures and fantasies >^^<


I see you are quite physically fit, are you sexually an alpha male?

I really have no idea jajaja ^w^ I guess I will know that when the moment comes >///<


What kind of sports do you like to play?

I really love soccer, my favorite selections are Manchester United, Munchen Bayern, Real Madrid, Germany, and Japan. I also play soccer, specially as goalkeeper >^w^<

I also practice Kendo, Muay Thai, Wresling, and some Kung Fu. I also like biking and jogging (simply because I stay in shape and use tight clothes ^///^)


What do you think is the most sexy thing a lady can wear?

Wow, that is one interesting one ^^ I have to say pantyhose <3 They look so divine in them. My tail simply begins to fluff and wiggle everytime I see a nice lady with pantyhose, but I am a gentleman and control my impulses ^w^


DO you have any fetish?

I am curious to practice BDSM as a submissive >^///^< Especially if my dominatrix makes me wear feminine and tight clothes <3 Or sometimes I do imagine myself as a playful wolfie who pleasures his mistress suprising her with a hug from behind and a kiss in order to start the fun time. I may be naked or in sexy clothing ^^


DO you like mares?

Of course I do, they are so gorgeous <3


What is your favorite color?

Purple and Blue, I know I said two but could not decide, as I love both


Any pets?

I have an Owl ^w^ her name is Athena and she is quite special, she likes to hug with her wings anyone who goes into my apartment ^w^


Don’t you live with your mom?

Nope, she is a women of her own destiny ^^ I always ask why she always goes to that BDSM club all Friday and Saturday nights? (Rhetorical question jejeje)


What are you exactly?

Sometimes people may see me as a human man with wolf ears and tail and others see me as a anthro, it all depends on perspective >^w^< However I am a wolf


Are you dominant in a love relationship?

I am actually quite obedient and nice if my GF knows to cuddle the right places >^w^<


Are those right places in parts of your body between your legs?

Nuuuuuu…….you pervert TwT Those places are my head, belly, and tail. Such a dirty mind >////<


What kind of video games you play?

I really enjoy fighting games on a cool PS3 ^w^ (Ex: KOFXIII, Soulcalibur, Tekken, etc) and many Nintendo Games (All Mario Karts and Mario Parties ^w^)

I also played VGs with my mother since I was a kid. She likes fighting games and we played together.


You said you like flowers, what kind of flowers do you like?

I believe my garden will answer that for me as it is full of lilies, lotuses, chrysanthemums, white roses, sunflowers, and catnips ^w^


Actually, what is your mother’s name?

Her name is Lusitania Maria Estherhazy

Do you have noisy neighbors?

Thank goodness that none, I live near a Shrine where my friend, Ren, lives. He is so considerate, we tend my garden together and I help him with the hard tasks for keeping the shrine clean.


Lusitania: Hi, everyone ^^

Nero: Mom, what are you doing here?

L: I came to see what you were doing before you get your butt kicked again in Mario Kart

N: Mom, I am in the middle of an interview!

L: have you told them the time you liked to dress like mommy, you know......feminine clothes? ^^

N: Mom! TwT this is not the time and place to say such things.....>////< you knew I was very curious....

L: My son always preferred soft clothing and hated to try male underwear LOL

N: They are uncomfortable, mother. I like my thingies to be in a good place.

L:  How about that lady you like…..oh the one I think she is a police officer….Linette?

R: Her name is Mirette, mom. And yes, she is a police officer and a very beautiful lady.

L: Awwww my dear son is in love <333

R: Mom…just get the game ready I will come soon T_T

L: Yippie >^w^<


R: Well I believe this is enough for now, I am very thankful for interviewing me >^w^<

And thank you all for reading this and getting to meet more about Nero

Also I want to send a special thanks to #wooxx for letting me participate, it was so much fun >^w^<

I am so happy as I will be answering my first tag from a special friend of mine Wooxx >^w^<

Well, here are ten facts about me:

1. I love well-built male characters with long hair (a good example is definitely Lord Sesshomaru)
2. I like to read Yaoi and Yuri a lot, especially those about cross-dressing >////<
3. Most of my friends here in DA and my teachers/professors in real life are women
4. I enjoy female-created hentai and erotic works (U R AWESOME GIRLS <3)
5. My favorite colors are purple and blue
6. My favorite pairs are Elsanna, Korrasami, Bubbline, Twi-set, and Bubbline
7. I love dogs, especially if they are fluffy <333
8. I am very curious about sexuality and topics related to it (such as fetishes, women's sexuality, BDSM, etc)
9. I am a data-addict, I love reading lots of books, databases, and statistics
10. I know English and Spanish, I am learning Japanese and Chinese

Now time to answer questions >^w^<

1. Is physical appearance important to you?

Nope, the body is a vehicle that will decay like everything. It is only our personalities and good actions that will always stay with us and define us ^^

2. How do you think the "perfect world" could be achieved?


I think the only way to create a perfect world is for everyone to respect each other and to live free without infringing in anyone’s freedom.

3. If you could make this world the perfect place but had to die doing so, would you?


If I have the possibilities to do so alive, I would indeed. But if I was to die, I would do the same as I want the best for my family and friends >^w^<

4. Do you like the sunset or the sunrise the most?


Sunrise indeed, as you can feel the freshness of the morning mist along the smooth warmth of the nascent sun.

5. Are you a good kisser?


As I have no experience on that, I have no idea. Who knows, maybe I am, LOL

6. Do you want to hug me?


Awwwww I will certainly do, my dear. If I ever find you, I will give you a super bear hug of friendship >^w^<

7. What is the best thing you know?


The best thing I know is that Pitch is best pony Nyahaha

8. Do you like unicorns? 


Nope, I actually like Chinese Dragons and Pegasi >^w^<

9.  If you were chased by a zombie what would you do?


I will give him a hug and revive him with love and compassion

10. Do you like to go with airplanes?


Not at all, too expensive and uncomfortable of you are going in an international flight TwT


As I have certain time constrains, I will not be able to tag 10 others for the meantime. However I had the greatest pleasure to answer these questions

I want to bring a special thanks to Wooxx for being a divine friend >^^<


I wish you guys all the very best and stay awesome


You guys are all wonderful >^w^<


aotorithebluebird's Profile Picture
Aotori, the Bluebird
United States
Lover and Watcher of Cool Art >^w^<

University Graduate Student

Amateur but hardworking Comics Translator (Spanish to English/English to Spanish)
(Currently working with ~kei111's Bubbline Fan Comic: "After Sky Witch")

Classical Music Fan
Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade
Tchaikovsky's Slavic March, 1812 Overture, Swan Lake, and the Nutcracker
Shostakovich's Tarantella, Piano Concerto No 2, and all his Simphonies
Prokofiev's Scythian Suite, Dance of the Knights, and the Peter and the Wolf Suite
Saint-Saens's Carnival of the Animals and his Organ Symphonies
Debussy's Nocturnes and other works such as the Girl with the Flaxen Hair
Ravel's Bolero, Piano Concertos, and Variations
Schoenberg's All works,, one special is the Mundenstrunken
Berg's Wozzeck
Honneger and the rest of Les Six
Stravinsky >^w^<
Grieg, Smetana, Sibelius, Dvorak, Brahms, Bruckner, and The Boulanger Sisters

Stamp - Equal Hentai by foxlee Drawing Women by deviartTAG STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz

Bolivia Stamp by linkhero55 United States Stamp by phantom I love Asia by Kay-I
Greetings, my dear friends

I want to inform you that commissions are open by an artist who makes adorable works at good prices

Her name is #Binkakitty and she draws in a wonderful style >^w^<

here it is her commission info if you are interested ^w^

She will be super happy to work for you as she is a very friendly artist and a super nice kitty, she also has a cool gallery as well, check her out and you will love it >^w^<

Thank you for your attention everyone, you guys are awesome <333

New Commission Info (OPEN) by BinkaKitty

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